Watch the full “Axios on HBO” interview with President Trump – Axios

This is a lesson in interviewing for journalists everywhere. You thought the interview with Donald Trump by Chris Wallace was something. Watch this. Johnathon Swan, the National Correspondent for Axios News holds Trump accountable but without at any time getting confrontational.

Trump delivers a stream of consciousness that runs the gamut from complaints about mail-in voting, accusing the Portland protesters of being terrorists led by Antifa, news media staging things to make him look bad, complaining about John Lewis not coming to his inauguration, that he did more for blacks than Lyndon Johnson and the passage of the civil rights act, is a better president than Obama, what a great guy Putin is — and of course, the usual… “nobody… nobody…” has done as much as he has.

When Trump makes one of his many outlandish statements, Swan jumps in to correct the record, but he backs off after he’s made his point and when Trump starts getting more and more over-wrought. The one disclaimer about it being a lesson in interviewing techniques is that at several points it gets so ridiculous that Swan starts laughing and clearly he is laughing at him. Ooopppss.


Source: Watch the full “Axios on HBO” interview with President Trump – Axios

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